Ndayé KOUAGOU (about) 

EXHIBITION Cinder, sinuous and supple - Les Urbaines, Lausanne 

Group show curated by Deborah Joyce Holman with works from Alfatih, Atiena Riollet, Danielle Brathwaite Shirley, Jala Wahid, Jasmine Gregory, Ndayé Kouagou, Nina Emge, Shamiran Istifan, Shannon Tamara Lewis, Shenece Oretha and Tarek Lakhrissi⁠.

PERFORMANCE A simple and easy talk about love - Les Urbaines, Lausanne 

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry ... I have to stop saying I'm sorry, because: I'm not sorry and I hate people who always say sorry (that includes you my love). But what will I be sorry about? What did I do? I lied, I mean, not really, let's say I promise something and deliver something else or maybe I promise something that sounded like something but was something else, not really a lie finally. I promise a simple and easy talk about love, a simple conversation with love as a topic. And what did I deliver...

EXHIBITION Sensational and antigenerative successions - Nir Altman, Munich 

Group show curated by Cédric Fauq with works from Brandon Covington , Steffani Jemison , Kengné Téguia.

PERFORMANCE I don't want any of this to be part of any of that - Centrale Fies, Dro / Italy

Well, now the feeling is even stronger than before, I really don't want any of this to be part of any of that anymore. This and that are moving a lot, this can be that and one day later this can become something else, and it's the same for that. Confusing ? Ok, try to think as this and that as the sky, you're always looking at the same sky but in the same time you're never looking at the same sky. I cannot be more clear than that, so this is my statement. I promise you I'm not trying to confuse you right now, if I'm being honest I'm as confused as you.

WORKSHOP What is not tall is not necessarily small - ENSAPC, Paris/Cergy

I'm going to build a castle for myself! Ok, maybe just an air castle. If you believed I will build a real castle you really should lower your expectation. I mean I'm not even able to build myself a future and you expect me to build a castle? Be realistic, think average. Also, don't expect this castle to be solid, I mean it will be as strong as empty can be, so maybe not that strong.

PERFORMANCE One side is rarely similar to the other - Auto Italia South East, London

I wanna be nicer, but I also wanna be meaner. I think of myself as a nice guy, but I can see myself being mean. I don't want to see myself being mean again, and I don't want to be so nice anymore. But I don't want to be a soft human being, I wanna be strong but not too strong. I wanna be soft when needed, but not too soft, not as soft as a sponge. Does soft equal nice? No, soft mean soft, like a sponge, a sponge is not nice. Does strong equal mean? No, because mean is rarely strong.

GROUP PERFORMANCE So long live this and this give life to thee - Théâtre de l'usine, Geneva

Directed by Kayije Kagame, with Marvin M'toumo, Camille Dumond and Hugo Radi

PERFORMANCE / CONFERENCE Three birds one stone - École Duperré, Paris

First; things are not always what they seem to be, second; I don't know if you're wrong but I'am right.That's all I can give you, you'll have to do with this. Do as much as you can with these two, nothing more is coming for a long time! Don't be overconfident with them though, don't try to hit two birds with one stone, please limit it to one bird, or kindly ask the birds first if they're ok to share a stone. Just be polite. Anyway. That's not much, but at least it's something.

PERFORMANCE Young Black Romantics - Lafayette Anticipation, Paris

I need to define everything following my own terms, it's quite a difficult and time-consuming task. Sometimes I even find myself following "something bigger" just because it seems comfortable, and then realize it's a mistake. Comfort is a good place to die in, not to live in.

(contact) youngblackromantics@gmail.com

(instagram) @youngblackromantics